Sunday, February 23, 2014

5 days, 5 perspectives, 1 week, 1 video post 17

Imagine a camera following a small child or a dog for a whole day. Much of it would be boring and 90% of the time the dog would probably take some time to sniff the screen, but the point would be to see his eye of everything. Where we see the tops of the chair he would see the legs and etc.. I'm not quite sure why I thought of this the other day but I just thought it might be something to share. We have been talking more about our speeches in class and I've been making notes in my phone whenever I think of stuff on the spot that might be okay to add.

Update: This break I was able to film two more people. First I filmed the head executive of volunteering for SOC (Services for Older Citizens), and then I filmed Paulina, (the student pursuing music). I think for my next 2 blog posts after this one I will do individual profiles on each person and the unique experiences. This way you can sort of get to know them a little bit before seeing any video. Pictures will definitely be included, as I made it a point to take some while filming these two times. Both experiences were very different, but so much fun, and yesterday it dawned on me how many new people I am so lucky to have met over the course of a few months. I thought going into this that I would really just be following the main subject around and that I wouldn't really have a chance to talk with the people that work alongside them in their life. But all 3 experiences I have met so many interesting people that I never thought I would ever talk to before. I met college students, band members, a documentary producer who teaches at Madonna-who is filming a doc just on Paulina, a 99 year old man who graduated south in '33, and so many more. I am just so fortunate that I have been able to meet with so many new faces and I just can't believe it! I probably have met more people than I have my middle school years and freshman year combined. But the one thing that is so amazing is how everyone comes up to me and says, "thank you so much for filming me, or him/her, or us".To me I had been seeing filming them as kind of something that might get in the way of their work, or take up valuable time, but instead I hope I have been able to spotlight them in a comfortable way. It feels good to have put a smile on their face and helped them share their story, and I'm just lucky for this experience.

To go: 2 more people to film, the firefighter (hopefully next weekend) and a news reporter. I have been making some breakthroughs with editing, and all of the footage has been uploaded for me to really start making a dent in the individual detailed sections of the film.

Fun Film Fact: John Hughes, the film director of movies like, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Home Alone, and The Breakfast Club, was born right here in Michigan! He was born in 1950 in the Lansing area.

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