Saturday, March 8, 2014

5 days, 5 perspectives, 1 week, 1 video post 19

Update: About 2 weeks ago, I filmed the Executive Director at SOC (Services for Older Citizens). I started by coming into the SOC offices at 8 am and meeting Sharon Maier. The first thing I did was interview her, which I think was good so that I knew a little bit about her before following her around with a camera, and it helped during the day, because I was able to ask her some questions about a few of the things she told me in the interview. After that I began filming her daily activities, and was able to walk around the building. I filmed her office and different places in the setting when she was just doing work at her desk, and filmed her interacting with her co-workers and the seniors who were there for classes. I was even able to film a little bit of a senior exercise class, which is really awesome that they have so many great facilities for them. After filming for a few hours of her regular work day, she needed to deliver a "Meal On Wheels" (more information here: to a senior who lived in his home locally, and also exchange these huge garbage bags of bottles and cans for change, so that SOC could get some postage stamps. It worked out that I was filming this, because I was able to send her some footage from both times, so that they could put the videos on their website.

When we arrived at Roger's house, a 99 year old man who graduated from Grosse Pointe South to deliver the meal to, his daughter greeted us and went to get him. He came in with a huge smile on his face, and this was one of those moments that I was really excited that he was okay with me filming him. He was so happy to receive the meal, and although he didn't really understand that I was taking a video, he did really want a picture, so I got some still shots from the footage and gave them to Ms. Maier to send to him. He was very quiet, but when Ms. Maier asked him what the secret to living to 99 was, he said, "Just keep breathing,". This was probably the highlight of my whole time time filming that day, and getting it on camera was so cool.

At the end of the day I had a lot of footage, but she still had an hour or so left of work, so I asked her if she needed me to do anything. I ended up organizing a binder and delivering some papers to her fellow co-workers. I'm really glad I got to do this, because I was kind of able to step into her shoes in a small sort of way, and see some of the things that she does everyday for her job.

Here is a picture of her with the picture she drew of herself, I explain a little bit about what the drawing is for in post 11 in the 3rd paragraph:

Thanks for reading! To learn more about SOC, click here:


  1. Wow….. I look forward to seeing your videos Alexis! I love seeing peoples' stories told from another perspective, and I admire what you're doing. Sounds like an inspiring use of 20 Time!