Sunday, March 23, 2014

5 days, 5 perspectives, 1 week, 1 video post 20

Update: This week's post will be about filming the third and fourth subjects, the student pursuing music and the firefighter.

I filmed Paulina Perakis, a senior here at South. She has her own band and goes by "Paulina Jayne Music". When I was picking people to film I thought of her, because I had remembered seeing her perform at my middle school and thought it might be cool to spotlight someone younger in the movie, who was very serious about their future career.  I spent the day at Paulina's house, where her living room is set as a carpeted stage and I got to film her interactions with band members and also the practice. I knew band practice was something that happened often in the Perakis house, when her mom offered me some ear plugs :). It was so cool to see how all of the people at her house including some of Paulina's extended family were so involved in her music. I got to capture a little piece of those relationships in some of the footage. Here is a picture of the converted living room.

Here is a recent article that came out in our local newspaper for more information about her music:

Next I filmed Sundee Harland, the only women firefighter at the Grosse Pointe Farms Police and Fire Department. I was not planning on filming her as at first I was going to film one of my dad's friends who works there, but he contacted me that he was injured and referred me to her instead. It was really nice of him to refer me to someone else that was interested, so that I didn't have to go and hurriedly try and find a fourth subject. She works a 24 hour shift, so I arrived at around 8:00 a.m. and stayed until 1:00 p.m., which was enough time to capture a normal morning for her at the station. It was very interesting seeing the checking of the trucks and how every aspect of every compartment must be thoroughly inspected so that if called on a run, everything is ready and working. I know what your thinking, "Did you get to ride in it?!". "Did you get to go to a fire somewhere?!". For safety precautions no, but I did get to sit in it, and believe me when your up that high just sitting in it is actually quite fun. And if you end up watching that part of the film you will sort of get to sit in it to. Here is a picture of the whole front of the truck that lifts up. Its pretty awesome and I had no idea those huge trucks could do that conversion.

One more person to film left! Thanks for reading!


  1. I can really relate to when you write about Paulina Perakis because my cousin is really interested in music. I think that you being able to go to her house was a great opportunity. Glad you had a good experience

  2. Thank you! It was definitely an awesome atmosphere to be around people so passionate about music.